Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow Quilt

Snow Quilt 

 While shoveling in my white world on this weekend it occurred to me that a quilt was needed. The snow trees seemed to be calling for there to be pictures on their branches. 

This is a very old "rescue"quilt I was given years ago. It had been patched with polyester knit fabric and nothing of today's quilt was showing. It was in a pile of blankets and likely would have been discarded. It was well worn.

After much thread picking what I found was gorgeous. All cotton,  lovely workmanship and hand quilted. And it showed its age. It must have provided much warmth and coziness over the years. I use it mainly for display especially during Christmas time.

I have always loved red and white quilts because they are so striking in their simple use of color. Someday I might just stitch one.

Everyone is a little nutty in their own special way. So please join us for the "NUTS ABOUT " blog hop sponsored by Seams To Be Sew on February 4. 

Wishing everyone cozy stitching and a warm quilt to snuggle in.

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