Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter Blessings To All


Wishing you all an Easter filled with peace, love and happiness.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013



Welcome to my day for this wonderful blog hop. All the beautiful creations would not be happening but for the hard work of Madame Samm and Jane.  Wonderful pattern designs by Debbie, Cyndi and Mdm Samm made choosing a project very difficult. Thank you all.

Because  I believe "TEA &  STITCHES"  always go together I began with this embroidery.

 Yesterday American and Quilting on FB wrote:

"One of the benefits of embroidery is that it lets you slow the world down as you stitch."  Add a cup of tea and it might come to a stop. ;~}

I could not resist a Wee Tot. And then I found the paper dolls. When fussy cut they made perfect quilt partners.

 A Wee Tot should never be alone so I stitched her a friend. But they both love pink shoes.


It was a difficult day to take outdoor pictures. 

Dare I admit that I still have an "old" doll around.

 It is hard to stop when stitching begins. This will become a cushion cover. 

I could not resist this embroidery. Perfect as we move into another season. Wishing you all a Happy Easter. 

Sew take a moment before you start stitching again,  grab a cuppa tea and check out the other embroidery ladies on this hop.


Kristin @That Other Blog

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Treasures of Old

An unplanned visit to Marshall's Antiques last week led me to unexpected treasures. I became mesmerized by a small, framed crazy work quilt. When I commented on it John said it came from a small box of needlework he had found.  He still had the original box and the other contents.

It was a cushion top stitched in a patchwork fashion.

The fabrics were in good condition and the needlework wonderful. Aunt Jennie must have been a real sewer because look at the variety of prints and textures in the crazy work. There were many treasures in the box.

The cardboard box showed it's age but was dated 1913 as when Aunt Jennie passed away. It just occurred to me when I was typing that she died 100 years ago and therefore her work had to be older. There was a darning egg with a silk case for storing, a thin "book" pincushion and what must have been a sewing box . The box could be folded down to lay flat.

As well as the sewing bits there were other cushion tops.

This embroidered top was on linen. On first glance it looked like the die had run from the thread but closer inspection revealed the the fabric must have been dyed on the diagonal to create the background to match the threads. Again exquisite needlework.

Another cushion embroidered on silk. My fault for the poor quality picture as this is really a pale blue/green color.

So if you ever wonder how long the "treasures" you stitch will last it may be a long, long time. Would this box have been considered part of her stash ?  I wonder what Aunt Jennie would think if she could see her stitching today ....

Have a great stitching day,



Saturday, March 16, 2013


'I cannot count my day complete, 'til needle, thread and fabric meet."

Living life to its fullest my Aunt Theresa at 93 was happiest stitching on a new quilt in her favorite location.


Sew put the teapot on and stitch on.