Thursday, September 26, 2013



Welcome to Twisting With The 60's Batik blog hop.  Such fun and so many memories. I have been humming and grooving for days. We have been well led by Madame Samm (Sew We Quilt) and her cheerleader Mary (1 Piece 2-Mary) as they drive their Love Bug filled with Flower Children in search of Island Batik and their lovely fabrics. 

Flowers, tie-dyed fabrics and peace symbols define the era without words.

 I am now the proud owner of a flower pincushion. 

I am sure the 60's would assume a Mug Rug could be something for feet but mine will come in useful when I am stitching.  As will the sewing caddy. 

One wonderful legacy of the Hippie movement is the Peace symbol. It has stood the test of time. 

I just might be considered Cool in my necklace created from Yo-yo's stitched in batik fabric.

When I started this my intention was a cheerful tie-dyed Dresden Plate Flower for a little table centerpiece.

But it grew and became more cheerful.

Maybe a bed skirt ....

It kept growing and might still get another border. It is difficult to choose border fabric because I used bright, not perfectly matching colors together. A Flower Child quilt for sure.  Should become a nice lap quilt.

I began another Batik project but time intervened. The fabrics were too beautiful not to show you. This has good vibrations and will not remain on the UFO list too long. 

Thank you for visiting the quilting caravan.  Sew climb aboard the Love Bug , pour a cuppa tea and join the other Flower Children.


                                                                                               September 27

******* Tea Time Creations ******

Monday, September 16, 2013


Life Pieces

 I am a Quilter ~~ So much of my life is lived piece by piece. 

Quilting as in life is very much a piecing together of parts. Some easy stitching with straight seams and at other times a careful matching of corners and curves. The seam ripper allowing us to repair stitching mistakes as in living we also have to take a step back and evaluate our next step.... Some unexciting repetitive stitching  is necessary and at other times we forge forward to new exciting adventures (possibly with trepidation which would happen if I ever attempted the Hexies above). But when the pieces come together the finished quilt is lovely.

 Some Pieces of my current life in fabric.

Always room for more piecing dreams. Need was not even a consideration when I spotted these FQ's at Atlantic Fabrics this morning.

Sew stitch up the pieces,



Sunday, September 1, 2013


Scrap Basket  Sunday

The scent of fall in the air, an overflowing Halloween fabric bin and a lovely selection of new FQ's led me to witchy stitching.

 An easy block to feature a variety of fabrics is from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.

I used black sashing to tie it all together. 

 No matter how many times I looked at the block layout before stitching I still managed to get two colors beside each other. .... I just really wanted to spend some quality time with the seam ripper ;~{ .... Just a border left and hopefully it will be a Halloween finish.

To visit other ladies who are scrap busting this Sunday head over to Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.

Enjoy a good stitching holiday,


(Block source: Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Vol 3, Block # 273, called Happy)
(Episode # 6  )