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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


We Support You

 Welcome to my day on the We Support You blog.  As it happens Feb.4  2015 is World Cancer Day.  I doubt if there are many whose lives have not been touched by this awful illness. In March I will be a 9 year Surivor.  As a survivor of Breast Cancer I entered a whole new world. 

Thank you to Mdm.SammMdm.Samm and Pat for being such great supporters. And please visit my fellow hoppers: 

I sew my way through so many things but it was difficult to choose a project for this. I had a basket of Breast Cancer fabrics picked up over the last years sitting on a shelf which has been calling me for a while.  

So a quilt it was to be.

Very simple square in a square pattern. The top is stitched and ready for the quilter. And a cozy flannel picked for the back.

I did not realize how many different prints I had accumulated.  Or how many had words.

Because when you are diagnosed your world seems to be fragmented into so many pieces I thought a crazy patchwork block was appropriate.


We have angels among us. I figured they needed their own memory block.

And for that special friend who so generously offered time, energy and especially emotional support a pillow. She has been my sounding board and always has a listening ear ready.

I belong to a support group for Breast Cancer Survivors.  At the start of each meeting you give your name and the number of years since diagnosis. It is so powerful to hear voices say 28 years ~ 16 years 5 months ~ 6 months etc.  There is so much hope offered in hearing these voices.  Especially for the newly diagnosed and those starting treatment. A whole world of friends sharing wisdom.  

At the end of each Women Alike support meeting we form a circle, join hands and recite: " We have the power to make this day a good one." I wish you all a good day because within ourselves we have so much power.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If I was writing a letter this would be the P.S. moment. I spotted this on a Pink FB page and borrowed it. We all need a sweet moment.