Saturday, September 20, 2014



 Last weekend I attended a breast cancer retreat at an idyllic location. 
We walked,  we talked,  we thought,  we laughed,  we danced, we learned from each other,  we healed.

When I was first diagnosed  the quilt guild I belong to had a quilt challenge. The challenge was the word "Peace."  Being diagnosed was so mind encompassing my work in fabric was not to be spared. 

Reflecting on where you were and where you are today can be healing.

Wishing a peaceful day for everyone.


Monday, September 8, 2014



Every summer there is a Milling Frolic in the community where I grew up. It is a celebration of history, of Gaelic singing, of music and dancing and an occasion for reunions and remembering. I always contribute stitching to their fancy booth usually  aprons or potholders or other small items. When I asked my sister what they needed she hesitated a moment then said "we don't have anything big for tickets. How about a quilt?" Oh my !!   Time was short .... A machine quilted lap quilt would have to do. No time for hand quilting.

A simple pin wheel pattern with gentle colors  


My machine quilting needs a lot of polishing. My goal this winter will be to improve this skill.

 I love the look of a quilt blowing in the breeze.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Northumberland Quilt Guild Show -- 2014

 All cars headed to Pictou for the Northumberland Quilt Show and Sale last weekend at the deCoste Centre. 

It was a very pretty show.

Lots of applique

Winter Wonderland ... always interesting to see the differences color and fabric make

Nice to meet NS quilt bloggers.

Sheila (Sheila's Quilt World ) , Karen ( KaHolly) , Lesley (The Cuddle Quilter ) and  Linda ( Scrapmaster)

I did do a little damage to my wallet at the merchant mall.

Sew much lovely stitching.  I might even have more pictures if I had remembered to charge the camera battery the night before. 

I am tempted to say " Happy Piecing." All the hand quilted work displayed a special label. 

Friday, July 25, 2014


Xmas Dreams

In honor of Christmas Day being five months away today I cut out a Santa tonight.

Time for tea and stitching.

Thursday, July 17, 2014



 The last time I posted about quilting snow was on the ground and it was so cold. Now in mid summer it is so hot.  And I am back to stitching a quilt.


Amy from Sew Incredibly Crazy published her first quilt pattern and was looking for pattern testers. A new experience for me. Her Watkins Star Quilt is lovely and worked up perfectly. it is available here.

I  choose a FQ bundle full of sunshine colors.

This was a fun pattern to stitch.

What is really neat is seeing how pretty and unique looking a pattern can be when  different fabrics are chosen. Check out Amy's blog to see all the variations.

This quilt has so much potential. I can see it stitched in winter fabrics with a sky blue background.