Thursday, September 25, 2014



 We live our lives in "hurry-up" speed  so much of the time. We rush, rush, rush from one event to another, one project to the next, one person to the next  trying to crowd so much into our day. I am sure our calendars are all full . And in my case I even have reminder notes in the margins. 

  I must confess I rushed around choosing fabrics in red, white, black and grey. Caffine is frequently used to fuel our rushing around and this perfect print called my name.  Even found  coffee cups to applique on my table topper.

Now if I could just learn to slow down and enjoy my coffee outdoors.

 In response to the question about what the words Rush Hour ment to her my teenage niece replied "traffic and coffee".  Since she doesn't have her drivers license yet I thought this would be her speed. Although as you see bikes weave in and out of traffic they might be a little too rushed.

I was rushing around in picture mode today and had great difficulity getting true red colors. The beautiful sunny day was creating orange from the reds.

 So I waited patiently until almost dusk and snapped again.

  I can picture this little lady frustrating the traffic behing her as she putters along enjoying the day.

Thank you Mdm Samm and Carol for being the creative forces behind Rush Hour. 

 I invite you to rush over to Thursday's bloggers:

Saturday, September 20, 2014



 Last weekend I attended a breast cancer retreat at an idyllic location. 
We walked,  we talked,  we thought,  we laughed,  we danced, we learned from each other,  we healed.

When I was first diagnosed  the quilt guild I belong to had a quilt challenge. The challenge was the word "Peace."  Being diagnosed was so mind encompassing my work in fabric was not to be spared. 

Reflecting on where you were and where you are today can be healing.

Wishing a peaceful day for everyone.


Monday, September 8, 2014



Every summer there is a Milling Frolic in the community where I grew up. It is a celebration of history, of Gaelic singing, of music and dancing and an occasion for reunions and remembering. I always contribute stitching to their fancy booth usually  aprons or potholders or other small items. When I asked my sister what they needed she hesitated a moment then said "we don't have anything big for tickets. How about a quilt?" Oh my !!   Time was short .... A machine quilted lap quilt would have to do. No time for hand quilting.

A simple pin wheel pattern with gentle colors  


My machine quilting needs a lot of polishing. My goal this winter will be to improve this skill.

 I love the look of a quilt blowing in the breeze.