Sunday, June 23, 2013



 While we might be stitching fabric scraps this little guy was spotted last week in a friends driveway enjoying a tasty breakfast from food scraps.

I am joining Kim for another Scrap Basket Sunday.  

I joined the 4-patch blocks together to create a 9-patch. I plan on using a different color border for each. 

It should be colorful. Now to keep the momentum going.

I continue to dig through fabric bags and found these last week.

While this week's bear cub was a cutie last weeks visitor would not be one I would be approaching for a bear hug.

Sew grab a cuppa and sew the day away.



Sunday, June 9, 2013



 Welcome to another Scrap Basket Sunday where I link with Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure and others who are digging deep through their scraps in the hope of finding some clear shelf space.

 I found a basket of strips from a long ago quilt. Can't even remember which quilt I stitched. The edges were torn and not rotary blade cut so I know it was a while ago.  Trimmed, cut 2 inch squares and now I have a bunch of 4-patch blocks.  How I will use them I am not sure.

I have a little friend who is waging a mighty campaign to convince her parents to adopt a puppy.  Even agreed to make her bed for 250 days.  Saw the "Happy Puppies" quilt pattern in Quilter's World so I stitched this cute puppy pillow to keep on her bed just in case she forgets  - not much chance of that. The puppy scraps came from a friends stash and I found the perfect dog print for the back.

Even the crows huddled together to try and keep dry in the very wet, rainy day we had yesterday. A perfect day for sewing.

Sew glad you stopped by,





Sunday, June 2, 2013


Scrap Basket Sunday

 Joining Kim at Kim's Quilting Adventure for more scrappy sewing. Today I am working on a Stash Buster BOM created by Linda at The Quilted Goose. Two new blocks every month. 

Greek Square - May - Block # 1

Sawtooth Star - May - Block # 2

Sister's Choice - June - Block # 3

Clay's Choice -June - Block # 4

In spite of great intentions to only use what was on the shelf I just had to visit the fabric store. I began with pieces of a yellow flower print from stash, some solid pink leftovers and a green bit. I went looking for a perfect yellow to match, could not find it but found a pink flower print identical to my yellow. No wonder they always smile when I cross the threshold at Atlantic Fabrics. I always leave $$$ behind.

Picked lilacs yesterday. Their fragrance now fills my house.

Enjoy the day,