Sunday, June 2, 2013


Scrap Basket Sunday

 Joining Kim at Kim's Quilting Adventure for more scrappy sewing. Today I am working on a Stash Buster BOM created by Linda at The Quilted Goose. Two new blocks every month. 

Greek Square - May - Block # 1

Sawtooth Star - May - Block # 2

Sister's Choice - June - Block # 3

Clay's Choice -June - Block # 4

In spite of great intentions to only use what was on the shelf I just had to visit the fabric store. I began with pieces of a yellow flower print from stash, some solid pink leftovers and a green bit. I went looking for a perfect yellow to match, could not find it but found a pink flower print identical to my yellow. No wonder they always smile when I cross the threshold at Atlantic Fabrics. I always leave $$$ behind.

Picked lilacs yesterday. Their fragrance now fills my house.

Enjoy the day,



  1. Your blocks are so lovely! I think the people at my local quilt shop smile when I come through the door, too! I love the lilacs! We had lilacs all the time when I was growing up. They are one of my favorites. We are an Army family but my husband is getting ready to retire. People ask where we want to end up. My major criteria is to live where I can have lilacs!

  2. Love your fabrics! Your quilt will be bright and cheerful!

  3. Gorgeous blocks! I love your fabric choices and your lilacs are yummy... mine are just starting to open and I need to do pick some ASAP.

  4. Great blocks Frances, and yes they smile when I enter too , I was there on Friday ;-)

  5. Your lilacs look fabulous. By the time our lilacs bloomed, it was over 90 degrees here and they quickly roasted.

  6. Sometimes you just have to add something to the scraps to end up with lovely blocks as you did. Nice job!

  7. Your blocks are very pretty - they often say you need something to help pull the scraps together so good on you for making the quiltshop's day!! Lucky you with the Lilacs!!

  8. Beautiful blocks Frances!
    Those Lilacs are gorgeous and I bet they smell heavenly!

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