Sunday, June 9, 2013



 Welcome to another Scrap Basket Sunday where I link with Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure and others who are digging deep through their scraps in the hope of finding some clear shelf space.

 I found a basket of strips from a long ago quilt. Can't even remember which quilt I stitched. The edges were torn and not rotary blade cut so I know it was a while ago.  Trimmed, cut 2 inch squares and now I have a bunch of 4-patch blocks.  How I will use them I am not sure.

I have a little friend who is waging a mighty campaign to convince her parents to adopt a puppy.  Even agreed to make her bed for 250 days.  Saw the "Happy Puppies" quilt pattern in Quilter's World so I stitched this cute puppy pillow to keep on her bed just in case she forgets  - not much chance of that. The puppy scraps came from a friends stash and I found the perfect dog print for the back.

Even the crows huddled together to try and keep dry in the very wet, rainy day we had yesterday. A perfect day for sewing.

Sew glad you stopped by,






  1. What a great way to keep her focused on her 250 day bed making promise. That puppy pillow is just too cute!

  2. It's sweet of you to help keep her focused on getting a dog! That's such a cute idea.

  3. Those puppy blocks sure are cute! I'll look forward to seeing what the four-patch blocks decide to become.

  4. I haven't checked in for a while - You are still at the sunday Scrap pieces - very nice.