Thursday, July 23, 2015


Construction Zone

 It seems as if all I have been doing lately is building houses. This is a lovely Mystery Quilt Along by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt. It should be a great stash buster. Step # 2 has already been posted and Step # 1 is far from complete :)

The first row in a Clothesline Village. This appears monthly on the DOD Mystery blog. 

 I now have to stitch tiny quilts to hang between the houses in my village. And maybe trees. And maybe fix the pink house cause it looks like it is buldging at the foundation. And whoever hung the door lives in a slanted world! How come you can look at something a zillion times, not see anything wrong and then suddenly see its imperfections. At least I caught this before it was quilted. 

The monthly QM Bitty Blocks from Quiltmaker for July are sailboats and at 3 inches they are tiny. 

I think I will add this to the Row X Row quilt. 


And I stitched pillow cases.

Have a great day stitching ,



  1. You overwhelm me with your accomplishments!

  2. What a lovely post this one was to read and view! I just LOVE houses in quilts - in case you didn't know. The lace curtains in the windows on the pink house is so delightful. I can't wait to see how your row comes together all complete!

    Those little boats are so cute too!

  3. Oh my you have been busy , love all of your houses and will have to check out the DOD mystery quilt , like I need another project but I do like houses. Those little sailboats are darling too :-) Happy Stitching !!

  4. Love the little houses and sailboats! I love house quilts so much!