Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~~ Happy New Year ~~


 Santa's helper elves are back in the North Pole and are "settled down for a long winter's nap". But not before they grabbed a warm afghan and indulged in a fine meal.   

I did stitch a few runners before Xmas.

Tea With Santa

 One of the crafting magazines I read recently said to look to your surroundings for inspiration. This is what I found:

Greeting Cards

Napkins & Christmas Jugs

A Christmas Arrangement


A Tree Ornament I Crafted Eons Ago

My Sister's Shower Curtain

Creative Crayon Use

And my beautiful niece with her horse.

It would be my dream in 2015 to quilt inspired by the spirit around me. To look at something and see a vision and translate that into fabric. 

My wish for you in 2015 may be found in this Gaelic Prayer:

Old Gaelic Prayer of Peace

 ~~~ Deep peace of the running waters to you  ~~~ Deep peace of the flowing air to you  ~~~ Deep peace of  the smiling stars to you ~~~ Deep peace of the quiet earth to you ~~~ Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you ~~~ Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you.  ~~~                                                                               (Fiona MacLeod, 1855-1905)

Happy New Year 

May your bobbins be full, may your stitches be small and even, may your seam ripper be dusty and may your year be full of fabric and quilts. 

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  1. Happy New Year to you, sweet Frances!! Stay safe, warm, and healthy!!