Sunday, April 28, 2013



For another Sunday  I am joining Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for another Scrap Basket Sunday.

Stitched extra blocks and cut more squares for the Journal Quilt.

It is starting to take shape. Now only to sew all those 2.5 inch squares together. Lots of fun matching all those corners together.  ;~{  Not my favorite activity.

This Moda pattern for a village will make good use of 5 inch squares. I did need another project - didn't I ?

I wasn't as busy stitching as this week as whatever dug this was. 

Looks like I am about to open a rooming house ~~ In two days some animal -groundhog ? raccoon ? or heaven forbid a skunk ? has dug out under my cement front step !!!! Would do any excavator proud . Apparently he does not like tulips because the gravel pile is on top of my flowers. Not quite sure what to do. I think a trip to buy mothballs tomorrow might be in order. I would like to plan an eviction before he moves his family in . I do not have plans for baby quilts in my future.

Sew glad you stopped by.


This is a groundhog setting up housekeeping under my front step. Oh JOY !!!!!!


  1. I love your comment about the fun you had matching the corners. This seems so easy when others do it. I struggle and (please do not tell) sometimes use the "squish or stretch" method. Happy Scrappy Sunday.

  2. I like the quilt, it's going to be very cheerful, but the groundhog is adorable...too bad he's up to no good! :)

  3. When a groundhog isn't making his home under YOUR front porch, it's easy to laugh about it--LOL! I don't think we have those in California. Your scrap project, though, is coming along nicely! I'll look forward to checking in next Sunday to see how the corner-matching is going.