Thursday, November 8, 2012


Xmas Nine-Patch

Cut 9 six inch Xmas squares.  A total of 108 squares are needed for this quilt top ( 12 of each color).

Stitch 9 blocks together to make a nine patch square.  Cut through the middle of the blocks.

Arrange the cut blocks into a pleasing pattern. Stitch.  Twelve large squares are needed. Stitch the squares in rows (3 squares across and  4 down).

Suddenly before last Thursday's sewing class I realized I had no project to work on. I wanted something quick and easy.  I had not stitched a split 9-patch for a while so a I choose Xmas prints from stash. 


With a green border the finished size of this quilt is 55 X 69 inches. Now just have to get it quilted before Xmas.


I will have to call up the quilting muse tomorrow as I have no stitching plan either.  ; ~}


  1. Love the ease of the design - results are beautiful!

  2. This will be a great scrappy quilt Frances , love it!