Friday, March 20, 2015



  Welcome to the first day of spring and my day to share birdy creations. When I signed up weeks ago I thought SPRING and all the wonderful fresh beginnings it implied. In my little corner of the world  - Atlantic Canada - we have been treated by nature to weeks of major blizzards and snowstorms and Nor'easters.   

  Looked in my  stash and found lots of bird prints. 

 I took the quilt for a walk in my driveway this morning for pictures. I normally take pics on my clothesline but too much snow to reach it. These are taken in the banks beside the drive. They have reached 8 feet tall making it nearly impossible to shovel the snow. Lots of hours of shoveling to clear it this morning. But I did get the car out.

  A mixture of winter and summer birds means lots of color.   This was a real learning process because it is my first quilt-as -you-go. 

The fabric featured on this hop is so pretty. Could not resist it when it appeared at the local fabric store. 


First time I ever tried graphing letters.

Square in a square is a great way to feature pretty prints.

 These bright and perky birds cheered up the winter.  You always need something when Xmas disappears.

A special thank you to Lana and MdmSamm for the time and energy they devoted to the Tree Bird hop. It is always so enlightening to see how many creative and unique projects are stitched. If you visit today's hoppers you will be impressed. 

As I read Tree Bird blogs so many posters are dealing with illness and are hurting. I came across this beautiful picture and it spoke to me. Healing wishes for all.  May you have a good day