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Thursday, March 13, 2014



I think of ruffles as curtains and little girls dresses and flounces on pillows so when Madame Samm announced her blog hop I was not sure what direction I would take.

 I goggled "ruffles" and at the head of the list what should appear but "Ruffles - All Dressed".  Must be ideas for unique clothing I thought. Who would have imagined that Ruffles is a food group. (I hope you noticed that when I did a taste test I choose the HEALTHY lightly salted version.)

 I stitched a new padded cushion for my stool and created a frivolous look with a flower ruffle.

Next came a ruffled pillow case to match a new afghan for my musical niece.

Tea towels for the kitchen. If I was smart I would have made the ruffle match the new stool covers. 

 Last week Kaaren of The Painted Quilt gifted us with her First Friday Freebie pattern for a pincushion stitched in wool.  My idea was to make a pillow with ruffled edge but I thought it would suit me better as a table mat. 

This was a fun stitching project. Choosing the applique fabric and raiding my button collection brought spring closer  banishing thoughts of snow.

Should add a whimsical look to the table for Easter.

 If we use mug rugs for our tea surely St. Patrick deserves his own for the celebratory Irish Coffee on March 17. This design may be found on Pat Sloan's free pattern page:'s 5 o'clock somewhere.

 So choose your favorite beverage and join the other stitchers as we celebrate ruffles.

And thank you Madame Samm and Amy for gathering us all together to stitch creatively.

Irish Coffee
1 shot Irish Whiskey
1 Teaspoon sugar
1 dollop of whipped cream
Strong, hot coffee
Preheat stemmed glass. Add whiskey, sugar & coffee. Top with whipped cream. 
 Enjoy !!